Welcome to the Aromatherapist!

A fine selection of organic & wildcrafted pure essential oils

Our philosophy is governed by the criteria of uncompromising purity, naturalness, simplicity and joy. This is how the brand has consistently expanded over the last years.

We pay constant attention to the quality of all The Aromatherapist products by selecting them directly from their origin on all continents and paying the highest attention to the best possible means of storing, handling and packaging. Our producers, with whom we have personal contact, have been selected not according to the viewpoint of the highest possible yield, but on the principle of purity and the power of their products. While the application of modern quality control ensures a consistently high grade, our products also benefit from our deep understanding and experience with plants, crops, and aromatherapy. We treat our oils as “living molecules” and care for them with nightly Vedic seranades – melodies of Nature.

Our Products

We have a wide range of essential oils and related products with many hundreds of oils, including rare species or cultivars of many plants from around the world.

  • finest Essential Oils
  • Hydrolates (Floral Waters)
  • coldpressed Base Oils
  • Synergy Blends
  • unique Body Care products